Manly Warringah Orchid Society Meetings take place on the fourth Thursday of every month at 8pm at the Cromer Community Centre. Society members, visitors from the public and members from other societies are all welcome to attend!

What happens at our meetings?

Benching competitions

All members, regardless of their level of experience and expertise, are invited to bring along their best plants and bench them for judging. Benching classes include Open, Novice and Junior. Points are awarded to all members who bench a plant and at the end of the year, these points are tallied and prizes are awarded during our Christmas Party. Monthly prizes are also awarded for Hybrid, Species, Specimen and Novice Plant of Evening.

Cultural advice

Society Members and guests are encouraged to bring along their plants or questions, to receive cultural advice from members who have a particular level of expertise in the orchid concerned. In addition Society Members also give mini-cultural Q and A sessions at some meetings.

> Download benching classes

Lucky door prizes and raffles

A lucky door prize (usually an orchid) is drawn at every meeting and raffle tickets are also available.

Guest lecturers and speakers

Each meeting features a local or international guest speaker presenting fascinating talks on their travels or orchid culture.

Members' library

We have an extensive orchid library and all members are welcome to borrow books and magazines for a month. We also welcome suggestions and recommendations for the purchase of additional stock.

Plant sales

Member are welcome to bring along a surplus of plants to sell at our meetings. Members will often pick up a bargain or a much sought after plant. A 'wish list' is also maintained where you can lodge a request for a particular orchid species in the hope another member can oblige!

Growing equipment and pots

We also maintain a stock of pots, hangers, stakes, labels, growing mediums and other sundries for members to purchase.


Meeting dates for 2018

25 January
22 February
22 March
26 April
24 May
28 June
26 July
23 August
27 September (AGM)
25 October
22 November
20 December

Meeting location

Cromer Community Centre
150 Fisher Road, Cromer